Buying Back My Childhood – Nancy Plays Nurse

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseNancy had the BEST toys!

Apparently I have hit the age where I want to buy back bits of my childhood, in the form of books I had when I was a kid. It’s not so bad that I am actively seeking them out – but if I run across one at a sale for a buck or two, you better believe it is coming home with me! I am pretty sure my parents still have some of my books stored away at their house, but I have no idea which ones… So I might as well grab the ones I find, right? I mean having two doesn’t hurt, does it? Of course not. ;)

The first one I want to share is the one I found at an estate sale this weekend – it is a Rand McNally Giant Book called Nancy Plays Nurse, dated 1965. It is oversized – I’m not sure if the one I had was this big one, or a smaller one – I poked around and there is another smaller Tip Top Elf Book version out there. I may have actually had this at one of my grandparents house, rather than at my parents – it’s hard to remember for sure, I had a LOT of books. I was one of THOSE kids. Well – I’m one of THOSE adults too, but we won’t get into that here… Let’s take a look at Nancy Plays Nurse!

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseHow cute is that giraffe with the bandage on his neck?

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseNancy’s sister was a candy striper. I was totally in love with that uniform!

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseNancy ran her own little doll hospital, taking after her sister.

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseNancy to the rescue!
(This illustration bothered me – it was a little too much blood on his knees for my taste.)

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseMore of the bloody knees… *shudder*

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseNext patient – a puppy with splinters in his paw! SO cute.
(bonus points for that awesome rotary phone, Nancy!)

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseNancy taking care of her sick giraffe.

Rand McNally Nancy Plays NurseRewarded for all her hard work – a candy striper outfit for her birthday!


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