Keepin’ It Real – The State Of Vintage Goodness – 2016 Edition

vintage see no evil hear no evil speak no evilFirst up – the obligatory apology for not posting much lately. “Not posting much” might be a bit of an understatement, actually. I just did a quick count, and I’ve posted a grand total of THREE times this year. That’s some serious underachieving, right there…

Originally I had typed up a long, drawn out post for this update, explaining everything that is going on with my business, and a lot that is going on in the rest of my life. I read it over, and then deleted it –  because I realized that no one really cares. Who has time to read a bunch of boring details that don’t really have any bearing on their life? No one, that’s who.

So here’s the condensed version, for those of you who might be mildly interested:

  • My boyfriend got a full time job last December, which means I lost my helper. (Doing my own packaging SUCKS.) I work my part time job in the mornings, he works 2nd shift. In other words, our schedule is super wonky, but we are doing our best to make it work.
  • My time is now so crunched that just getting the basic tasks done is an achievement. Basic tasks include – taking photos, listing, shipping… You know, all that tedious WORK stuff that has to happen if you want to sell shit online.
  • Anything that isn’t on that list of basic tasks has been pushed into a hole at the bottom of my to-do list. This includes blogging, my email newsletter, social media, etc.
  • I probably won’t be doing any Thrift Haul posts anytime soon. Or my usual weekly New Goodness posts. They just take too much time. :(

There’s a bunch of other stuff I could talk about, but those are the main points. I will hopefully still be able to put up an occasional post here an there, I just can’t promise any kind of schedule…. It’s not because I don’t love you all – I do, I really do! I just have to focus on getting the work done right now…

If you don’t follow me on Facebook yet, head on over and give my page a like – I am going to try to post some stuff over there from time to time. New listings, fun scores, etc. It’s definitely MUCH faster than blogging, if I can remember to do it! ;)

Oh, one more thing before I go:

Happy Birthday Vintage Goodness! My business turned 9 last month. Unbelievable.



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