Let’s Start A Trend! Vintage Decoupaged Wood Wall Art

Vintage Wooden Decoupaged Wall ArtIn one week I picked up both of these (they are listed in my eBay store now!) – and visions of a gallery wall full of decoupaged wooden wall plaques floated in front of my eyes… It would be amazing! Kitschtastic! Someone needs to DO it – and send me photos! ;)

In the meantime, let’s create a virtual gallery wall right here – who knows, maybe it will catch on? I have all my fingers and toes crossed…

decoupage wood wall art covered bridgeVintage Covered Bridge Decoupage Wooden Wall Plaque

doctor decoupage wood wall artVintage Doctor Decoupaged Wood Wall Art

decoupage wood wall art set flowers mushroomsVintage Mushrooms & Flowers Decoupage Wood Wall Art Set

art nouveau decoupage wood wall plaqueVintage Art Nouveau Woman Decoupaged Wooden Wall Plaque

bee decoupaged wood wall artVintage Busy Bee Decoupage Wood Wall Plaque
(this made me laugh way too much…)

deer wood decoupaged wall plaqueVintage Deer Decoupaged Wooden Wall Art

john wayne wood slice decoupaged wall plaqueVintage John Wayne Decoupaged Wooden Wall Art

butterfly flowers wood decoupage wall artVintage Butterfly & Flowers Decoupage Wood Wall Plaque Set

fawn deer wood decoupage artVintage Fawn Deer Decoupage Wood Wall Plaque

marilyn monroe decoupaged wooden wall artVintage Marilyn Monroe Photo Decoupage Wooden Wall Art

owl family wood decoupaged wall plaqueVintage Owl Family Decoupaged Wooden Wall Art

farm scene decoupaged wood slab wall artVintage Farm Scene Wood Slab Decoupaged Wall Plaque

horse decoupaged wood wall artVintage Black Horse Wooden Decoupaged Wall Art Plaque

bunny chipmunk decoupage wood wall artVintage Rabbit & Chipmunk Decoupage Wood Wall Plaque Set


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Start A Trend! Vintage Decoupaged Wood Wall Art

  1. Shelby

    I saw a woman transferring her family photos onto wood with some mod goo, that looked sort of alright. Maybe better art pieces, not Elvis…

  2. Treasures By Brenda

    Sometimes even listing this oddball stuff is hard — finding the right keywords can be hard. I would not have thought to use the word decoupage in my titles.

    I’d love to see this trend, too but while we’re at it how about a trend for art tiles, too? And hand painted wooden ware? And masks?

    1. Mitzi Post author

      Brenda, I dig the masks idea! I had ceramic masks on my wall when I was growing up, it was kind of an 80’s thing… ;) And yeah, keywords are tough – if you are lucky, you can find similar sold listings to give you clues as what are good words to use…

  3. Mike

    Where can I get a vintage decoupaged Marilyn Monroe on wood appraised.? I think it’s a one of a kind folk art picture but I’ve never seen one like it.!


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