New goodness on eBay this week!

I got a good chunk of my thrift haul from last weekend listed this week! Can I get a high five? ;) Just click the links below the photos to check out the listings!

034Vintage Military WWII Hawaii Photo Album

058Vintage Military WWII Hawaii Aerial Photos Lot

019Large Vintage Ceramic Beethoven Bust Mexico

119Vintage Green Christmas Elves Ceramic Cookie Jar

001Vintage West Bend Pizza Baker Grill Electric In Box

083Vintage Tensor Task Desk Lamp Brown Wood Grain

097Vintage Couroc Serving Tray Navajo Rug Design

026Vintage Jasco Food Warmer Warming Tray Electric

090Vintage American Express Vacations Canvas Bag

074Vintage Black Metal Wire Tabletop Bookshelf

018Vintage Dominion Scovill Slow Cooker Crock Pot

111Vintage Chalkware Mushroom Wall Plaque Hanging

0438 Vintage Spice O’ Life Pedestal Mugs Milk Glass In Box

103Vintage Hasko Deer Antelope Haskelite Trays Set

001Vintage Hull Pottery Brown Drip Eagle Stars Bean Pot Bicentennial

030Vintage Hull Pottery Brown Drip 5″ Coffee Mugs Steins Set

016Vintage Hull Pottery Brown Drip 9″ Pie Plate

017Vintage Hull Pottery 10.5″ Dinner Plates

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