Thrift Haul

Thrift Haul – Church Rummage Sale Goodness!

I had a busy weekend of treasure hunting – 6 estate sales, a couple garage sales, and 2 awesome church rummage sales! Oh, how I’ve missed the church sales… Let’s check out the haul!

009Could YOU leave behind a Miracle Whip cooler? I couldn’t! ;) The Snap-On tools clock works, the Burwood clock doesn’t – I might try to buy a new mechanism for it, it’s in great shape otherwise… The wood piece behind the Snap-On clock is a menorah wall hanging, which I thought was kind of unique.

The rest: metal file box, 3 Applause figural mugs (Cruella, Foghorn Leghorn, and Grumpy), metal boats, a Shmuzzle Puzzle, Hy-Score binoculars, a teak cheese plate, some Coca-Cola Christmas ornaments, and a gold glass chip and dip bowl set.

014The flower vanity mirror lights up – I held my breath as I was plugging it in to test it! The fiberglass floral set has a tray, a serving bowl, and a double snack bowl. The 4 needlepoints are all different U.S. postage stamps – that Zeppelin one is my favorite!

The 6 cast iron candle holders are marked Denmark. The mugs have little gnomes on them, which are super cute. The plastic jars I actually have another set of waiting to list, so I picked these up to sweeten the pot. Last but not least, a little Enesco clown bell. (There were about a hundred bells at that estate sale – I only came home with the one!)

What did you all find out at the sales this weekend? Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to brag, um, I mean share! ;)

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  • Connie

    Loved seeing the pictures of your “haul” – isn’t that the best part of getting up at the crack of dawn and running around rummaging for hours – coming home and sorting it all out and seeing what works and what not and if all the parts are there and how good that looks cleaned up and what is that signature??? etc. etc … that’s when the real fun begins :) PS Love the Miracle Whip Cooler – it’s “amayonazing”!

  • Mitzi

    I think it is “amayonazing” too! lol My boyfriend is very anti “goo”, he shuddered when I brought it through the door. ;) Yes sorting through everything once I get it home is fun, even when I know the occasional dud is going to be in there (like the clock that doesn’t work)…

  • Kim

    Great finds! I had a garage sale for my parents this past weekend. No time to shop for myself but I’ll be back at it next weekend.

  • Mitzi

    Glad you are enjoying the posts Juliet! Kim, you win the best daughter award for doing the sale for your parents – hopefully thrift karma will kick in and you will get something great next time you go out! ;)

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