Vintage Goodness 2.0 Is Here!!!

opensign2Well, that took long enough, didn’t it? I won’t bore you with all the gory details – basically, getting this sucker up and running was a bit more work than I had anticipated… But it’s done! Well, done enough, anyway… I’ve got more tweaking to do, but it’s ready for me to start actually posting here, which is all that really matters, right?

It’s been nice to dream about creating a set-in-stone posting schedule, but I know that I would probably just end up posting a bunch of apologies about missing my deadlines instead. Nobody wants that! So let’s call it what it is:

My kinda-sorta-hopefully-I-can-manage-it posting schedule, if the stars are all in correct alignment and my life doesn’t get in the way:

Monday – Thrift Haul / Out & About posts. I do most of my running around shopping for stuff on the weekend, so Monday seems like the most sensible day to share what I found, and where I went to find it.

Wednesday – Featured Collectible posts. I have a nice list of ideas going for this category, actually.

Saturday – New listings update, and I will send out the email newsletter.

That only leaves the Vintage Decorating category with no specific day, so those will just have to be a happy surprise!

How to come along for the ride:

The email newsletter is the most reliable way to stay in touch, the sign up form is over in the left hand sidebar, if you haven’t subscribed already. I’ll just be emailing once a week for the most part, so no worries about getting swamped with updates…

I did set up an RSS feed, so if you use a reader, just click the orange RSS button there on the upper left side of the blog and you can add me to it.

Of course I am also on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Google Plus and even Instagram now, though I’m still trying to figure out how to use it. (That’s probably a topic for a post all in itself, actually – for some reason when I get on there my brain shuts down, which is kind of pathetic. It makes me feel OLD. lol)

Ok, that’s post #1 done and in the history books! Or in the archive, as it were… Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with the reader survey so I could set up the new categories, and also to everyone who chimed in when I was designing my new header and sharing all the versions over on Facebook. You guys rock! :)

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