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Broken Pyrex & Corning Ware Jewelry Is A Thing On Etsy – And I Want ALL Of It!

You guys, check this out:


Why have I never seen this before? Should my vintage geek card be immediately revoked? I guess it doesn’t really matter because now I KNOW. Somehow the world seems like a little bit better of a place all of a sudden…

From what I can tell, there seems to be 3 sellers who are creating this jewelry, for the most part – I will show one piece from each shop here, just click on over to check out all the rest that they have!

Corning Ware Cornflower Blue Earrings
by Evie’s Vintage Shop

 Broken Pyrex Necklace Pendant Butterfly Gold
by Broken Karma Vintage

Corelle Spring Blossom Green Pyrex Earrings
by Divine Spirit Creation

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  • Mitzi

    LivingMCM – I like to think if someone tried that, they would be immediately struck by lightning and not be allowed to continue…. lol ;)

  • Karma

    Hi, thank you for sharing. I’m Karma of BrokenKarmaVintage. Myself, and all other shops I’m aware of, are collectors first and would never break anything purposely. Sadly there is so much broken glass out there to work with. I offer a free trade program for Pyrex which allows a collector who receives broken items or has an accident to send me their broken glass and they get something free in exchange. I keep the remIming glass to make the items you’ll see in my etsy.com/shop/BrokenKarmaVintage.

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