Featured Collectible – Vintage String Art – 70’s Craft Series #1

The next several Featured Collectible posts are going to be a series about one of my current obsessions – 1970’s crafts! It seems like there was just as big of a crafting trend happening in the 70’s as there has been in the last few years… Luckily a lot of those crafters’ work has survived to be re-discovered today! I will be forever grateful for all the “keepers” in this world… ;)

I’m starting off with vintage String Art – not only are there amazing finished pieces out there, there are also a lot of unopened, original kits that you can buy if you want to give it a try. Let’s take a look – as always just click the link below the photos to check out the listings!

Finished String Art Pieces

bluestarstringartVintage Stitcheroo String Art Geometric

stringartowlVintage Framed String Art Owl

spiderplantstringartVintage Spider Plant String Art

butterflystringartVintage Butterflies String Art

starstringartVintage Star String Art Mid-Century

abstractstringartVintage Mid Century Abstract String Art

swanstringartVintage Swan String Art Wall Hanging

multicolorstringartVintage Multi-Color String Art Abstract

stringartboatVintage Boat Ship String Art

Vintage String Art Kits

starburststringartkitVintage Starburst String Art Kit Hazel’s Kaboodles

startrekstringartVintage Star Trek String Art Kit

hummingbirdstringartkitVintage Hummingbird String Art Kit

ufostringartVintage UFO String Art Kit

seagullsstringartkitVintage Seagulls String Art Kit

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