Thrift Haul – Where I Cry About What I Didn’t Buy

Crying Over Vintage Left BehindA pretty small haul this week –  I got some cool things, so I’m not unhappy – as long as I don’t think about the set of dishes I left behind that I definitely shouldn’t have. Don’t you hate when that happens? But now I know, and if I ever see them again you better believe they will be coming home with me…

It reminds me of a fun little graphic I shared on the Vintage Goodness Facebook page the other day, from the obviously very experienced folks over at Wise Apple Vintage:

vintagewedidntbuyAt first I was just going to use that graphic to head up my post – but I realized I needed something more specific, so I threw together one on my own. (Dishes photo by eBay seller rbates885557efwho was obviously much more on the ball than me, and knew to grab them when he saw them!)

But, like I said, I’m OK now. Because I’m tough:

eyesaresweatingSo what did I buy? Let me show you! :)

Church Rummage Sale HaulMost everything I picked up from a church rummage sale, plus a few other things from an estate sale, and a couple yard sales I hit up too…

Rummage Sale ScoresFramed Pity Kitty Print
Vintage Toy Xylophone

Thrift Score Yard Sale FindsRevere Ware Coffee Pot
Aluminum Bun Warmer
Vintage Brass Mailbox
Austin Starbucks Mug
Rebacraft Bamboo Flatware

Garage Sale Haul Thrift ScoreCargo – Great Lakes Game
Vintage Lucite Grapes
Sun Tea Jar
Vintage Sanyo Cassette Recorder
Vintage Mobilite Task Lamp


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